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History, 133rd Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division

From 1 February 1944 to 29 February 1944, inclusive.


    On the night of February 1st the attack on the barracks north of  Cassino (858231) was made by Company "I", reinforced, and one company of  tanks.  The remainder of the 3rd Battalion was alerted to move to the  rear of the assaulting company and the 1st Battalion ready to move to  attack the north edge of Cassino.  The barracks were taken at 2300  hours, 54 prisoners were taken.

     The following morning the 3rd Battalion resumed the attack.  At 1500  hours the advance elements of the 3rd Battalion and tanks were held up  by Anti-Tank fire from self-propelled guns in Cassino.  Late that  afternoon the 3rd Battalion continued the attack, our tanks met  resistance from Anti-Tank guns in town shortly after entering and were  cut off.  Our Infantry met MG resistance form high ground to their West.

     At 2230 hours Company "C" 1st Battalion moved to join the 3rd  Battalion in the attack.  The 3rd Battalion was held up north of town by  MG and Mortar fire from the town and high ground to the west.  At 0600  hours February 3rd Company "C" entered the Northeast part of Cassino but  were forced to withdraw 1000 yards east of the town by enemy tanks.

     At 1530 hours the 1st and 3rd Battalions preceded by tanks resumed  the attack following and artillery preparation.  The 3rd Battalion  entered the Northwest edge while the 1st Battalion entered the  Northeastern edge of Cassino, both battalions digging in their  positions.  Immediately after dark the 2nd (100th) Battalion moved to  occupy positions formerly held by the 1st Battalion. 

At 0800 hours  February 4th six enemy tanks forced the 1st Battalion to withdraw to the  streambed in the vicinity of (886314).  The 3rd Battalion consolidated  their positions in the Northwest edge of town in the face of determined  enemy infantry and tank action.  At 1300 hours Company "A" 1st Battalion  began to move to the right flank of the 3rd Battalion to occupy Hill 175  and relieve Company "L".  The remainder of the 1st Battalion following  at 1500 hours closed in their assembly area at 1730 hours at (854227).  Company "A" relieved Company "L" at 1845 hours, Company "L" rejoining  the 3rd Battalion in the Northwest edge of Cassino. 

During the night of  February 4-5 the Battalions remained in place, the 1st Battalion made  reconnaissance of draws in their sector between 0630 and 0830 hours.  At  0830 hours February 5th the 1st Battalion began to advance toward Hill  193 clearing out draws as they advanced slowly on the North slope of the  Hill.  At 2030 hours February 5th the 1st Battalion received a heavy  counter-attack on Hill 193 being forced to withdraw to Hill 175. 

Early  on the morning of February 6th the 2nd (100th) Battalion was relieved by  the 2nd Battalion 143rd Infantry and moved to the vicinity of (849241)  as Division Reserve.  At 0645 hours the 3rd Battalion repulsed an enemy  counter-attack on its left flank.  During the day the 1st Battalion held  positions on Hill 173.  At 0930 hours the Regimental Command Post was  bombed by enemy aircraft, the Regimental S-3 becoming a casualty.  The  3rd Battalion progressed slowly in town clearing enemy from another  block of houses. 

On the night of February 6-7 plans were made to  continue the attack.  Aggressive patrolling was carried out to locate  enemy MG and self-propelled gun positions.  Small advances were made. 

During the night of February 7-8 the 2nd (100th) Battalion reverted to  Regimental control and moved to an assembly area in the vicinity of Hill  175.  On the morning of February 8th the Regiment attacked at 0645 hours  supported by tanks and smoke with all three Battalions in the assault,  the 2nd (100th) Battalion on the right, 1st Battalion in the center. The  2nd (100th) Battalion advanced rapidly and was ordered to hold up its  advance and consolidate positions in the vicinity of Hill 165 to protect  the right flank of the Regiment.  The 1st Battalion advanced to the  North West slope of Hill 193, the 3rd Battalion supported by tanks made  slight gains into the Northern edge of Cassino, its advance was halted  by heavy Anti-Tank and MG fire.  At 1315 hours Company "L" resumed the  advance behind tanks advancing to positions along the Northernmost  East-West road through Cassino.  During the attack several buildings  containing strong points were demolished by eight inch guns. The 2nd  (100th) Battalion knocked out one enemy tank and damaged one enemy  self-propelled gun by bazooka fire.  During the night the Battalions  consolidated positions and held their respective sectors.

February 9th  the 1st Battalion strengthened its positions, the 2nd (100th) Battalion  held and continued to wipe out enemy resistance in their sector, the 3rd  Battalion made slight gains against determined enemy resistance and  destroyed two enemy half-track vehicles.  Eight inch howitzers fired  precision fire on observed enemy targets in Cassino.  Five buildings  were taken during the day. 

February 10th the Regiment held in place and  continued to strengthen positions, at 1200 hours the 3rd Battalion  resumed the attack in Cassino meeting determined resistance from  buildings in town, one building was taken.  Heavy enemy artillery fire  fell during the period.  Slight gains were made in Cassino.  Close in  defensive fires were prepared for the sector.  On the night of February  10th the Regiment remained in place.  The 3rd Battalion continued the  attack against heavy resistance February 11th, making slight gains.  The  1st Battalion moved from (853215) to the left flank of the 3rd Battalion  in Cassino to attack the jail at approximately 0430 hours February 12th.   The jail was taken at approximately 0700 hours by Company "C" 1st  Battalion.  The 3rd Battalion continued the attack to the right of the  1st Battalion in the West half of town clearing houses North of 214 grid  lines, two buildings were taken during the period.  The 2nd (100th)  Battalion remained in place and plans were made for the 2nd (100th)  Battalion to assist in clearing the city of the enemy. 

During the night  of February 12th, 57mm Anti-Tank guns were placed in position to fire at  known enemy positions, 300 rounds were fired during the day at enemy  positions on Hill 193 west of the Castle.  The 1st and 3rd Battalions  maintained pressure on the enemy while the 2nd (100th) Battalion  remained in Regimental Reserve.

On the night of February 13th the 2nd  (100th) Battalion moved into Cassino attached to the 3rd Battalion.   During the day 300 rounds of 57mm were fired.  On February 15th the  Regiment held assigned sectors, Cannon Company firing 1672 rounds,  Anti-Tank 325 rounds, Company "A" 2nd Cml [Chemical Mortar] Battalion  325 rounds, the Monastery was bombed by our airforce.  During the period  February 18th to 21st, the Regiment remained in position, strong  pressure was maintained against the enemy. patrols drew small arms and  MG fire.  Harassing enemy artillery and mortar fire was received during  the entire period.

     During the entire period February 1-22nd the enemy held commanding  ground and was well dug in, in well prepared reinforced positions and  had advantage of observation from the Abbey and the high ground behind  Cassino.  Enemy mine fields were well prepared and covered by excellent  field of fire, MG nests in steel and concrete bunkers had to be stormed.  Progress was measured by yards and by buildings.  Each building had been  converted into an enemy strong-point.  Fighting was intense throughout  the period.  One third of Cassino was captured and held by the Regiment  when relieved February 21-22.  Casualties were heavy.  All three  Battalions were below 50% of authorized strength when relieved.  The  enemy took severe losses, including 138 Prisoners captured by our troops  during the period.

     Plans were completed for the relief of the Regiment by the 6th NZ  Brigade, relief being accomplished on the night of February 21-22.  The  Regiment moved to an assembly area in the vicinity of S. Michele from  where it moved on the night of February 22nd to a training area in the  vicinity of Alife closing in the new area at 0020 hours February 23rd.  The Regiment remained in this area at the close of the period.  Training  to obtain a high standard of physical fitness and combat efficiency was  stressed.


          Colonel, Infantry.



     s/Roy L. Stephenson


     Captain, Infantry.


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