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History, 133rd Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division

From 1 March 1944 to 31 March 1944, inclusive.


     At the beginning of the period the regiment completed its  reorganization under T.O. & E. 7-11, July 1943.  The Regimental training  program was commenced on March 2, 1944.  A high standard of training and  physical fitness was maintained by the training and recreational  program.


     On March 10, 1944 the Regiment moved by motor to a training area in  the vicinity of S. Giorgio.  The new camp was established and the  training program resumed.  The 2nd Bn., 133rd Inf. rejoined the Regiment  on 16 March 1944, after an absence of approximately 18 months.  The  100th Bn (Sep) was relieved of assignment to the 133rd Infantry  effective upon arrival of the 2nd Bn, 133rd Inf., however, it was  attached to the regiment for all purposes and remained so up to and  including March 31, 1944.  The training program was continued by all  units, every available moment being used, as the time was short, and the  new replacements did not arrive until March 16, 1944.


     During the morning of 23 March the Regiment (less the 2nd Bn and  100th Bn (Sep)) moved by motor from the training area in the vicinity of  S. Giorgio to Staging Area No. 1 in the vicinity of Naples.  That night  was spent in the staging area.  At approximately 1145 hours the  following morning (24 March) the Regiment (less the 2nd Bn and 100th Bn  (Sep)) moved by foot to the dock where they loaded on boats (L.S.T.s and  L.C.I.s) preparatory to movement to Anzio by water.  (The 2nd Bn and  100th Bn (Sep) arrived in the staging area 24 March.)  At approximately  1745 hours 24 March the boat left the harbor and proceeded to Anzio  unloading at approximately 1130 hours 25 March.  Movement by motor from  Anzio to an assembly area in the vicinity of 893217 (Map G. SGS 4229,  Italy 1/50000, Sheets I II III & IV) was completed during the afternoon  of March 25th.  Similarly the 2nd Bn, 133rd Inf and the 100th Inf Bn  (Sep) arrived in the same general assembly area the afternoon of March  26th.

     During the night 26-27 March the regiment (Plus 100th Bn (Sep) minus  3rd Bn, 133rd) commenced relief of the 30th Inf; 1st Bn, A-T Co, and  Cannon Company relieved units of the 30th Inf during the night.  The  following night 27-28 March the regiment (plus the 100th Bn (Sep) minus  the 3rd Bn) completed relief of the 30th Inf. (General vicinity 955227)  and passed to 34th Division Reserve.  The 3rd Bn, 133rd Inf was attached  to the 168th Inf, and relieved the 3rd Bn, 15th Inf., during the same  night (March 27-28).  During the remaining period (March 31 '44) the  Regiment (plus the 100th Bn (Sep) minus the 3rd Bn) remained in assembly  areas as 34th Division Reserve.  Reconnaissance and development of  counter-attack plans were continued throughout the period.  The 3rd Bn,  133rd Inf remained attached to the 168th Inf throughout the period.

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