The Red Bull in World War II 34th Infantry Division Resources 1941-1945





A 34th Division WW2 Resource Site

This site is a collection of resources pertaining to the 34th Infantry Division during World War II.

The Site Has Been UPDATED!

It has taken some time but the recent changes in Google's "mobile-friendly" website search criterea has inspired the new design. Although there are a many tweaks to come, the hope is that the website is easier to naviagte, as well as it linkings together similar data for the benefit of research. Additionally, new material has been added, and there is a lot more to come. Thank you to everyone that has supported the site; without your submissions and comments the website would be merely a discarded hobby. Hopefully the site will continue to entertain, inform and help those that are looking for answers.

What's Next?

We have several collections of photographs, a few bios and 7 documents that are in the current cue. Additionally, major and minor tweaks to the look of the site as well as the global navigation aids are ongoing tasks.